WHAT We Will Inspire

· Educational Advancement 

· Practical Training Opportunities

· Personal Development for Maximum Success 

· A Country of Change-Makers.

Mentoring Programs

Our programs are designed around mentoring in partnership with local schools and businesses to ensure qualitative interaction and engagement with participants. 

Summer Intensive

Students may participate in a specially designed program taught by industry professionals on topics such as  Technology (programming), Business, Law, Foreign Language, Music, Performing Arts, Engineering, Sports.  

Summer Internship

Students will spend 4-5 weeks in an established business learning the basics of employee responsibilities, gain exposure to the specific type of business and make an impression which might inspire a specific career interest and open doors to future opportunities.  

Careers Day Events

By reaching out to our network, we will identify select professionals of diverse disciplines and coordinate  a Careers Day presentation (including Q&A) at select schools in New Providence and the family islands. 

Specialized Day Camps, Workshops and Speaker Series

This may include:

· One Day special camps featuring Bahamian high achievers in sports.

· Workshops featuring music, art and film-making.

. STEM workshops

· Speaker Series featuring Bahamians and highlighting their success stories.